Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Sort of Beginning

At some point I decided I should learn to make money in ways that do not much depend on building a resume or crafting my own "brand" or knowing the right people or any of that.  It was not because I thought I'd be good at that:  on the contrary, I suspected I'd be bad.  But maybe, with effort, I could become good.  I'm not there yet.

Recalling other realms of life, I realize that in learning things I often reach a stage where there is no doubt that I am no longer completely incompetent, and actually know more than some people, and can teach them. False modesty achieves nothing and worse.  Striving to articulate my knowledge to others spurs me to solidify my own understanding, and provides an incentive and a challenge.

This blog at first will focus mostly on Mturk and related things.  I aim to focus on topics that force me to engage in some sort of analysis that furthers my own understanding.  I aim to keep the writing tight and visceral, as I think out how to do things.  Among the posts I anticipate are discussions of strategy, analyses of some practical tools, some book reviews, and maybe some examination of Mturk requester mindset and mturk studies.

This is probably good for an intro. Welcome.